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Dress Code

Board  policy  requires  a  student's  clothing  be  safe  for  the  student  and  those  around  him/her.  The  standards  for dress  were  developed  with  input  from  staff,  parents,  community  members  and  students.  Student  clothing  will  not be  disruptive  of  the  school's  operations  and  the  students.  The  Board  prohibits  the  presence  of  any  apparel, jewelry,  accessory,  note-book,  and  manner  of  grooming  or  other  paraphernalia,  which,  by  virtue  of  its  color arrangement,  trademark  or  any  other  attribute,  denotes  membership  in  gangs  and/or  which  advocates  drug  use, violence,  discrimination,  and/or  disruptive  behavior. 
  • Students must wear safe shoes (no slippers, heels, flip flops or open-toed shoes).
  • Students may not wear dangling earrings or jewelry that may cause a safety concern.
  • Students may not wear anything with inappropriate writing or pictures.
  • Students must wear shirts that have a strap that is at least 3 fingers wide, cover the midriff and be opaque (not sheer.)
  • Shorts and skirts should be longer than the tip of a student's fingers when standing with arms at rest.
  • Clothing should be in good repair (no torn jeans/shirts).
  • Students may not wear makeup (except with prior permission for school activities.)
  • Hats may be worn outside.
Your child will remain in the health office and you will receive a phone call if it is necessary to ask you to bring appropriate shoes/clothes to school.