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5th Grade Band

Welcome! We are excited to share that the elementary band program will continue thanks to the generous, continuous support of the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF). The 5th grade band teachers are Mrs. Zoetewey and Mr. Buchen. We are a traveling team, visiting each school site twice each week to provide high quality music instruction. By working together, we are able to focus on specific instruments in smaller groups, giving students more focused attention and instruction.

Benefits of Participating in a music program

  • Research shows when music is included in a student's daily learning that reading, writing, and math scores improve.
  • There is a high correlation between positive self-perception, healthy self-esteem, total interest in school activities, and the study of music.
  • College admission officers give special consideration to students who participate in their high school music programs.
  • Employers often seek out students who are a part of their high school music programs because of the student's ability to solve problems and work well with all kinds of people.
  • There is a strong bond of friendship that forms among musicians.  This bond gives musicians a sense of support and belonging that will follow them through their educational career.
Join us for our "Last Day Of Band Concert" (which is on the last day of band this year)
Monday June 10th 8:30-9:00
Current Assignment:
Have a great summer, we hope to see you next year in band at Adams!
Madison Band Extra Practice times:
Monday before school (7:45-8:10) and Wednesday during morning recess.
Optional Certificate Incentive Program:
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