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Principal's Message

Dear Madison Comets,


My name is Denine Hollow and I am your Madison principal. I began my Comet journey back in 2004 when I was a 1st/2nd grade teacher. I eventually taught 2nd, 4th, & 5th grade. Being a Madison Comet was an amazing time in my life. I made a lot of great friends and a lot of fun memories. Two great memories that stand out were the amazing Madison Talent Shows. Up until I left Madison in 2016, I played a very important role in the talent show, I was the Coordinator and DJ. The Talent shows were a great way to showcase talent, comedy, and skits to the Madison students and families. The second great memory, was dance party Fridays. We would play music during first recess and what a fun time that was. The kiddos would love to come out, dance around, and have fun. My Comet journey took a quick break from 2016-2018, when I left the district to be an Assistant Principal. I really loved being an Assistant Principal, but I really missed Redondo, the community, and all my friends. So, in 2018, I came back to RBUSD as a teacher at Birney. I was so grateful to be back in Redondo. Then a dream of a lifetime came up, which has lead be back home to where it all started. I can now say that I am the principal of Madison Elementary and I couldn't be more proud and happy. I have loved seeing families that I knew from when I was here before, to meeting new families today. I have also enjoyed working with the veteran and new staff. I am honored and proud to be the Madison Principal and I can't wait to have a great year!


It's a great YEAR to be a Comet!


Denine Hollow, Principal