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Principal's Message

Have a GREAT Summer!!!

Dear Madison Students,
Congratulations on completing another incredible year at Madison Elementary School. You have all been working very hard and the results of your hard work can be seen all across the school. Now that I am completing half a decade as your principal, I can truly say upon reflection that you have never done better! I would also like to commend all of our teachers and staff for all of their diligence and perseverance in helping all of you to realize your highest potential. Bravo!
As you head into summer, remember that for the rest of your lives your greatest instructors, not just in English and Math but in Life, will be your family. Make sure to cherish the time that you have with them. Learning with your family, whether at a museum, the beach or even in your backyard, will give you some of the greatest lessons of your life! Enjoy this time and try to learn something new every day!
My promise to you is to do the same. I feel so fortunate to have the honor of being able to work with you year after year. I will miss our time together over the summer and look forward to when we see each other again. Once again congratulations to all of you on all your successes this year and I look forward to seeing you on August 29th!
Drew Gamet, Principal
Madison Elementary School


To get in contact with Mr. Gamet, call 310-798-8623 or email him at