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Principal's Message

Attendance is Key!


While our teacher grade-level teams tirelessly plan, teach and assess student learning, analyze the data and adjust their planning for optimal student learning, no matter the students’ level, we cannot ensure your child’s academic success without your support. It is vital that you spend time every day with your child reading. Likewise it is important that you talk to your child about school; specifically what they are learning and how it impacts their daily life. However, even more than these important steps, it is vital that your child has VERY good attendance.


It is worth noting that it is not crucial that a student has perfect attendance. When a child is genuinely sick, especially with a fever or vomiting, it is important to keep them home to recover and not spread illness amongst their classmates. However, it is important that a child attends as much as possible, this means that they may come to school with some sniffles or a slight cough at times. It is also very important that students attend on time. Students that are chronically tardy are immediately put into the position of starting their day in a state of stress, decreasing their ability to maximize their day. In a school where our attendance area is as small as Madison’s is, everyone is expected to be at school on time. Remember, students in the breakfast program can come to the cafeteria starting at 7:30 am and the gates to the school will open at 8 am. Student appointments should always be made outside of school hours and when we have school vacation days for holidays such as Thanksgiving or Winter Break, please make sure to not leave early or return late. While it is true that poor attendance impacts the finances of a school, the detriment to a student’s learning is far more concerning.


If you have any concerns around attendance, don't hesitate to contact myself ( or Mrs. Pappas (


To get in contact with Mr. Gamet, call 310-798-8623 or email him at