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Principal's Message

Keeping our Children Safe in a Digital World


When my father-in-law gifted my son his prized slide rule, kept in a treasured and well-worn leather sleeve, it was a moment of honor. There was a time when that slide rule opened up a world of possibilities for an aspiring engineer. The tools our students use today are exponentially more powerful, but require even more education and guidance to keep our students safe while empowering them to become college and career ready. Students at Madison school are taught how to care for their devices as well as care for themselves and each other when interacting digitally.


There are many resources available for families who are working to establish boundaries with technology while preparing their children to engage in a global society.  An excellent resource for families navigating digital media issues with their children is There you will find reviews on movies and books, but also a very helpful Family Media Agreement which can be used as a guide for having important conversations about being safe online, being kind online, staying balanced with media and being honest with parents about what is happening online. Some important topics to discuss as a family include being safe with personal information, being kind in words and actions, reporting unsafe behavior by friends, being a critical consumer of digital media, and being balanced in consuming media.


Embracing technology can increase efficiency, such as our new online STAR Reading reporting form, but holding a book (either paper or digital), reminds us that technology really is about connecting to each other, to imagination and creativity, and to knowledge.  


It's a great day to be a Comet!

Heather Cash, Principal