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Principal's Message

Dear Madison Families:


We are excited to welcome all of our students back to in-person learning under the hybrid model. Below are details and logistics that will be important to review prior to our first day of in person learning. Read this letter carefully, as you’ll need all of the information provided.


Here is a video of what to expect!


For students remaining at home: We recognize that some families are choosing to remain enrolled at Madison and continue with distance learning at this time. Please email Dr. Cash at least one week prior to your intent to return to in-person learning at


Cohort Schedule: Cohort A attends school Tuesdays/Thursdays and alternating Mondays. Cohort B attends school Wednesdays/Fridays and alternating Mondays.


Arrival Procedures: Students must arrive at school between 8:00 - 8:25 am.  Please arrive at your designated gate and do not leave until your child is cleared to enter campus. A staff member will take your child’s temperature prior to entry into campus. We thank you in advance for your patience, wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing.


Entry Gate/Room Information:

  • Mrs. C's TK will enter through the Kinder gate.
  • Mrs. Allen's TK will enter through the blue door on Nelson.
  • Mrs. Roman's Kinders and Mrs. Strange's K/1 will enter through the Kinder gate.
  • Mrs. Bonetati's Kinders will enter through the blue door on Nelson.
  • Mrs. Branta and Mrs. Polanco's 1st graders will enter through the blue door on Nelson.
  • Ms. Smith's students will enter through the Kinder gate.
  • All 2nd grade students will enter through the Kinder gate.
  • All 3rd grade students will enter through the blue door on Nelson.
  • All 4th and 5th grade students will enter through the upper grade gate on Ruhland.


Please note - social distancing markers are placed on the ground so our students can practice safety procedures while waiting to have their temperature taken. 


Health Screening & Safety:  Each day you will need to answer the following questions regarding your child’s health before coming to school.  If you answer yes to any of the questions, please contact Dr. Cash immediately.  Your child will also have his/her temperature taken prior to entering campus:

  1. Has your child tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days (2 weeks)?
  2. Has your child been tested because of COVID-19 symptoms and you are still waiting for results?
  3. Does your child live in a household with a person who has COVID-19 symptoms and is waiting to take a COVID-19 test; or is waiting for test results; or has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis?
  4. In the past 24 hours, has your child felt feverish or had a measured temperature greater than 100.4 F?
  5. Over the past 24-hours, has your child or anyone living in the household had any new fever, cough, vomiting or diarrhea that are not related to another condition?
  6. In the past 10 days, has your child come into close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?


Recess & Snack: Students will have a 30 minute recess/snack break each day. Students will remain in their assigned cohort during recess and will be taught to practice social distancing while having snacks and playing at recess. Please make sure you pack a snack and easy-open water bottle for your child every day. Please note that water fountains are closed, so a water bottle is imperative and also ensure that the container the snack is in is something that your child can open independently. If you are new to Madison, you may want to know that we have a strict healthy-snacks policy, so please refrain from sending sugary snacks or drinks with your child.


Restrooms: Safety protocols and procedures are in place for students to use the restrooms safely. Restrooms are cleaned each hour and only two students are allowed to use the restroom at any given time. 


CDC Students: If your child attends CDC after their in-person school day, your child will be picked up by CDC staff members at the end of the school day. 


Attendance, tardies, and absences: Please continue to contact your teacher when your child will be absent from school. While we encourage our families to be on time for school each day, should your child need to be tardy, please call the front office (310-798-8623) from the parking lot when you arrive. A member of our staff will come out and help your child get to his/her classroom after the health screening protocol. 


Grab-n-Go Lunches: RBUSD Nutrition Services will be providing grab-n-go lunches at the Ruhland Kinder gate and the Nelson gate, free for all students on campus.


Dismissal Procedures: TK and Kinder students are dismissed at 11:40 daily. 1st-5th grade students are dismissed at 12:55 pm daily. Meet your child at your designated drop off gate.  If you would prefer for your 4th or 5th grader to walk home unaccompanied, please email your child’s teacher. Please practice safety by wearing your mask and physical distancing anytime you are dropping off or picking up your child. 


At-home Cohorts: If it is a day when your child’s cohort is not on campus for in person learning, your child’s teacher will communicate with you the learning plan for the week as they regularly would in their weekly newsletter emails. 


Here is a brief (very casual) video of what to expect when you return to Madison!


Thank you,


Dr. Heather Cash