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Principal's Message

Madison Comets Learn Kindness Along with the Three R’s


The research on the effects of practicing kindness on academic achievement are in! Students who learn to be kind and empathetic are happier, feel more connected to school and demonstrate higher achievement! Kindness helps alleviate anxiety, depression and bullying. As it turns out, kindness can be taught!  Listen to “Kindness Can Be Taught” co-produced by NPR and Sesame Workshop for ways you can teach kindness at home. In partnership with the Madison PTA, our students have practiced kindness with the “Start with Hello!” challenge, and the “Do Good, Be Kind” campaign. Madison Comets participate in the Great Kindness Challenge and have partnered with Kiwanis to earn another Buddy Bench, so one one feels alone. On a daily basis, teachers, staff and parents alike will hear students share positive affirmations, “I am smart. I am brave. I am grateful. I am kind. I am loved.” It’s a great day to be a Madison Comet, where Kindness rules!

 Taking the Do Good Be Kind pledge!