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About Us:

At the Child Development Center we are dedicated to providing school-age children with a safe, nurturing and enriching environment that promotes educational and social growth. We strive to understand the needs of our families and the needs of our students to provide an experience that is individually suited to the students in our program. We actively work with families and encourage participation in all elements of our program. We are grateful for the ability to serve the amazing families in our district and community. Please reach out to use if you have any questions!

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 6:00pm.


If your student is enrolled in CDC for Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten, then your student will most likely eat lunch at CDC. Depending upon main school class assignment (AM / PM) students will eat lunch at 10:45 prior to going to school (AM) or at 11:45 after they have been picked up from school (PM). If you would like to purchase lunch through the cafeteria, there is a weekly sign-up available in Room 22 next to the phone. In the event your student is purchasing lunch we will walk him or her to the cafeteria and back.

For information regarding your student's lunch account, please see the District Nutrition page located here.
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Main CDC Office:

RBUSD District Office

Theresa Van Dusen, Program Director

1401 Inglewood Avenue
Redondo Beach, Ca 90278
Telephone: (310) 798-8683 ext. 1322, 1312

Link to District CDC Website: Click Here

Madison CDC Office
Transitional Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Andrew Riggle, Site Supervisor

2200 Mackay Lane

Redondo Beach, Ca 90278

Center Telephone:  (310) 798-8649



Need Someone Else to Pick Up?

Please fill this out and email it to Mr. Riggle. Also, Please let the individual picking up know that we will be checking for identification unless they are already a recognized family member of our program.


Connect with CDC!

Sauiafa Tauiliili

Kindergarten AM

Mildred Stewart

Kindergarten PM

Sharon Medina

1st and 2nd Grade

Molly Danahy

2nd and 3rd Grade

Elizabeth Cruze-Griffo

4th and 5th Grade





Any medication at CDC must be approved by a physician. The form we use is the same used at the regular school, so there is no need for double approval (a copy will suffice). We strongly suggest that any medications given to school are also provided to CDC.