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Diane Bonetati » Welcome to K-AM!

Welcome to K-AM!

Welcome to K-AM!  My name is Diane Bonetati and I am one of our Madison morning kindergarten teachers. I have been teaching for over 30 years (but I don't feel that old!).  I love being a part of the early learning years where you can see so much growth in the students!  Their joy and enthusiasm for everything make teaching fun!  I enjoy helping new families navigate their first elementary experience so they can feel comfortable and enjoy the adventure.
There are so many things I want for my students!  I want my kids to love school and learning and to take that with them for the rest of their school careers.  I want them to have friends, treat others kindly, and learn how to manage their relationships with others.  Finally, I want my students to be successful readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, ecologists, citizens, critical thinkers and to be everything they are capable of!
I live in Redondo Beach with my husband, two kids, Labradoodles, Chewie and Churro, and parakeets, Gunther and Cowboy.  I enjoy relaxing with my family, walking Chewie and Churro around the neighborhood, reading in my backyard, and experimenting in the garden!