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PTA Fundraising

Together, we can make the 2018-19 school year incredible for our kids!

Every school year, RBUSD pays for the basics of education, RBEF pays for teachers and curriculum across all RBUSD schools and Madison PTA fills in the gaps specifically at our school for our kids!

Your Madison PTA donations support additional programs at our school this year, plus your donations are tax deductible! Madison PTA is a 501(c)3 organization and our TIN is 95-6208084. We also encourage participation through your company’s gift matching program.

We’re truly grateful for any contribution you can make this year. For questions,
email Melanie Basen, VP of Fundraising, at

Your PTA donations support Assemblies, Battle of the Books, Career Day, Family Fun Events, Field Day, Field Trips, Halloween Carnival, Hands on Art, Movie Nights, Multicultural Night, Parent Ed Nights, Reflections, Science Night, STAReading, Yearbook & much more!



We rely on your giving! Every school year, your generous donations allow us to fund many exciting programs and make Madison Elementary even better for our kids.

2018 Incredible Fall Cash Drive (Aug-Nov)

  • Financial Goal: $15,000

  • Individual Goal: $50 per student

2019 Jog-A-Thon (Jan-Mar)

  • Financial Goal: $20,000

  • Individual Goal: $75 per student



You can make our year incredible by joining Madison PTA! Annual membership helps us meet our school’s needs that are outside the scope of their budget. Plus, it gives you a voice at our school and entitles you to some amazing member-only perks available at

PTA Membership does not require you to volunteer, but when you do go that extra step and help with any PTA program, you set a fine example for our kids and greatly encourage our teachers and staff.

2018-19 PTA Membership Dues ($10 per person)

  • Enrollment Goal: 100%
  • $2.25 goes to National PTA
  • $2.00 goes to California State PTA
  • $0.50 goes to 33rd District PTA
  • $0.50 goes to Redondo Beach Council PTA
  • $4.75 goes to Madison (Unit) PTA
  • Join Now at

2018-19 Redondo Beach Council of PTAs Community Membership Dues ($75 per person)

  • Join all 11 Redondo Beach School PTAs with ONE COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP!
  • Join Now at

2018-19 RBEF $250+ Business Partnerships

  • $75 of your RBEF donation will go toward becoming a Redondo Beach Council of PTAs Community Member
  • Your business will receive an RBEF/PTA Business Partner window decal



Donate with every purchase! You’re going to buy stuff, so why not partner with the companies that will donate a portion back to Madison PTA.



Your participation and purchases support Madison! We have several fun opportunities planned throughout the school year and would love for you to join us.

  • Bookfairs (fall & spring)
  • Dine Outs (throughout the year)
  • Family Portraits (November 3)
  • Original Works/Square1 Art (fall/spring)
  • Silent Auction (October 26)