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Learn About GATE and Parent Resources

Numerous resources are available today that provide information and advice about gifted education and gifted kids. The California Gifted Network organization has listed those resources which we have personally found to be useful in living and working with gifted individuals.

Please click here to access the California Gifted Network's resource page.

How To Qualify

Madison Elementary School offers a comprehensive GATE program in grades 3 - 5 in accordance with Redondo Beach Unified School District's GATE plan. Students are identified starting in the second grade, using the OLSAT/NNAT assessment and California Standards test scores. To qualify for the GATE program, a student needs to achieve:

A percentile score of 95 or higher on a single administration of the Otis Lennon Ability Test (OLSAT) or for English Language Learners, the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT). OLSAT and NNAT testing occurs in the spring of each school year.


A scaled score of 450 or above in English Language Arts and a scaled score of 480 or above in Math for two consecutive school years on the California Standards Test (CST)


A scaled score of 500 or above in English Language Arts for two consecutive school years on the California Standards Test (CST)


A scaled score of 500 or above in Mathematics for two consecutive school years on the California Standards Test (CST)

April 2017 OLSAT results were mailed to family homes over the summer, if you did not receive a report, please contact Mrs. Lem, the GATE Site Specialist, at [email protected].

Students from outside districts, both in-state and out-of-state, with existing GATE eligibility who transfer into the Redondo Beach Unified School District may have their eligibility evaluated by the Office of Instructional Services upon request.

More About GATE

The GATE program is integrated into the third through fifth grade classrooms through differentiation. Students have opportunities to further advance their thinking skills and knowledge on a daily basis. In addition, Redondo Beach Unified School District has sponsored an after school enrichment course to compliment the classroom learning in the fall and in the spring. As students progress through the Redondo Beach Unified School District, they will continue to have access to GATE services. GATE testing usually takes place in April. GATE testing may begin at the end of your child’s second grade year. Testing can be recommended by a teacher or parent. Parents and teachers should consider whether the child meets these characteristics.
  1. Learns rapidly and easily
  2. Does some academic work at least two years in advance of the class.
  3. Use vocabulary considerably beyond age level.
  4. Knows about many things of which other children are unaware.
  5. Is original. Uses good but unusual methods or ideas.
  6. Reasons things out: thinks clearly; recognizes relationships; comprehends meanings.
  7. Asks many questions. Is interested in a wide range of things.
  8. Is alert, keenly observant, responds quickly.
  9. Retains what he/she has heard or read without much drill.
  10. Has outstanding talent in a special area(s), such as art, music, creative writing, dramatics, etc. 

For additional information please contact Madison’s GATE site specialist, Mrs. Lem, at [email protected] or visit the district's GATE web page: