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Fundraising » Galleria School Rewards

Galleria School Rewards


Shop at South Bay Galleria to help our school win between $250 and $2500 in Galleria gift cards!


To help, bring your original receipts from any purchase (including food court receipts and movie tickets) made at South Bay Galleria dated between February 1 and December 31 to Guest Services (on Level 1, Main Entrance). Our school receives five (5) points for each dollar spent in non-department stores and two (2) points for every dollar spent in department stores.


Qualifying receipts can be logged ANY TIME during the program! Every receipt is logged and returned immediately! To submit a receipt e-mailed to you from a retailer, visit and click on "Submit Receipts."


If you don't have time to redeem your receipts on the day you shop, you can bring them back to Guest Services any  time on or before December 31st.


Check out current points by going to or by visiting the Galleria School Rewards points board, located at Guest Services. For other questions, call (800) 539-3273.



Thank you for all your support.  Since 2010, Madison has earned between $250 and $500 in gift cards each year which were used for student and classroom merchandise, such as: books, electronics, student incentives and more!  With everyone's help, we can earn even more!


To see the prize schedule, click on Galleria School Rewards Prize Schedule.


To see our current standing, just click on Current GSR Points



You can earn extra points for our school in other ways besides redeeming your receipts.  The number of points earned may vary from month to month depending on the current promotion - please check the Galleria School Rewards website for the latest details and conditions.

  1. Sign up for the Galleria School Rewards E-mail program. Visit, select South Bay Galleria under the Shopping Center tab, and click to SIGN UP in the blue box. (Limit one email address per person, must be 13 years of age or older to join.)
  2. Earn 250 points when you “Like”, click on the tab "More", then select Galleria School Rewards to choose your school. Limit one per Facebook fan.
  3. Visit South Bay Galleria's Kid Club every 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm and last Wednesday at 10:30am located in the Food Court on Level 3 for fun and FREE Kids Club programs and activities. Sign in at the free events to earn 500 points per family attending.
  4. Earn 250 bonus points when you purchase a South Bay Galleria Gift Card available for purchase at Guest Services. Terms and conditions apply.
  5. Look out for 2x, 3x, 4x and even 5x Bonus Point opportunities each month by checking the latest Galleria School Rewards Flyer.
  6. Follow South Bay Galleria on Twitter at for up to the minute information on sales, events and promotions. Then tweet "@SBGalleria/GSR/Madison".