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PTA Elections, Board Responsibilities & Committee Chairs


The PTA Executive Board elections are held in March each year. Anyone who is a PTA general member may seek the nomination for any board position they may feel qualified to fill. Nominations for office shall be made by a Nominating Committee, which is elected by the association in January of each year during our general meeting. Nominations will be announced prior to the election in March. We will also accept nominations from the floor if there are any and the vote will be taken that night.

Listed here are the offices and a short description of their duties. Should you be interested in any board position contact any PTA board member to let us know how you wish to be of service to your school. And don’t be concerned about the time commitment required. It just takes a few hours a month to help Madison Elementary PTA continue to supply the great assemblies, field trips, and special activities that our children have come to enjoy and count on us to provide.



  • Prepares agenda and conducts meetings for the Executive Board and General Membership

  • Oversees all other officers and activities

  • Acts as a liaison between national, state, district, council and local PTA’s

  • Represents Madison PTA at school district meetings

  • Has signature authority for all expenditures


  • Prepares Projected Budget for the year

  • Presents monthly statements and maintains financial records for the PTA

  • Responsible for banking and disbursing funds

  • Has signature authority for all expenditures


  • Maintains an accurate record of the proceedings of all the general meetings and executive board meetings in a bound book

  • Responsible for all correspondence

  • Creates and Maintains a current database of volunteer candidates

  • Maintains a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules

1st VP: Programs

  • Presides over meetings in the absence of the President

  • Plans programs for family fun nights and parent education nights

  • Has signature authority for all expenditures

2nd VP: Fundraising, Ways, and Means

  • Plans Fall and Spring Fundraising events

  • Oversees Jog-A-Thon Chair

  • Oversees and coordinates book fairs

  • Plans and directs PTA membership drive with the appropriate committee chair

3rd VP: Student Services

  • Oversees STAReading program, Hands-on-Art

  • Coordinates Holiday visit

  • Oversees Halloween carnival, and Field day

  • Oversees school gift committee and Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Oversees Field Trip coordinator


  • Responsible for reviewing the financial records of PTA and preparing audit reports


  • Maintains records and other pertinent history items

  • Maintains PTA Bulletin Board

  • Directs and oversees publishing activities for the yearbook

  • Responsible for inside publicity

Appointed Positions:

Principal Advisor – Principal

Teacher Liaison – Madison Teacher


  • Provides advice on Parliamentary procedure at all General and Executive Board meetings

  • Responsible for the first nominating committee

  • Chairs the Bylaws committee and reviews bylaws and standing rules annually

*We cannot vote on a board without nominees in these positions.


Chair positions are not voted upon but are appointed and filled by volunteers. We urgently need people to fill these positions as many of the programs need to be planned over the summer or early next school year! If you are interested in one of the chair positions below, please contact the PTA President to discuss your interests. Chair positions may be shared and chairpersons may appoint committees to help them fulfill their duties. Available chair positions include:


Family Art Nights


Family Movie Nights


Family Dance Night


Family Bowling Night


Family Ice Skating Night

Anna Michelsen

Family Education Nights/Assemblies


Parent Education Nights/Assemblies


Multicultural Night

Seak Smith

Science Night

Aparna Prasad & Sangeetha Ananthakrishnan


Book Fair


Camp Expo


Fall Cash Drive


Family Portraits

Mark Nicholas


Kari Chatterji

Original Works (fall) / Square 1 (spring)

Jessica Wong & Akemi Washington


Jessica Wong

Passive — Box Tops

Christine Ricardo

Passive — Dine Outs

Akemi Washington & Seak Smith

PTA Membership

Brandi Binder

Silent Auction

Cindy Klewan




Battle of the Books

Oral Hayden & Kristin Beizerman

Career Day

Lori Simms

Field Day

Monica CdeBaca

Field Trip Coordinator


Halloween Carnival

Marti Livingston

Hands on Art

Jessica Wong & Akemi Washington

Morning Milers Run Club

Jenna McCue

PTA Reflections

Sheeja Shaj & Kari Chatterji

Holiday Visit


School Gift Committee


STAReading (Students Thrilled About Reading)

Kate Spjute

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Wendy Scalph



Michele Palermo & Rich Remis





Additional Non-PTA Positions Needing Volunteers throughout the year:

  • BCHD Live Well Kids Nutrition

  • BCHD Live Well Kids Garden

  • BCHD Walking School Bus

  • BCHD Wellness Council Liaison

  • Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF) Liaison

  • Morning Valet Coordinator

  • Watch D.O.G.S.