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What Is STAR?

STAR (Students Thrilled About Reading) is a Madison Elementary School PTA-sponsored program designed to encourage students to read and to be read to. Research shows that the amount of reading done out of school is consistently related to gains in academic achievement.

How Does It Work?

The STAR program runs from October through April. Calendar logs are distributed to the students prior to the beginning of each month. Each day, students record the number of minutes spent reading or being read to outside of class time onto their calendar. At the end of each month, students tally the total minutes read and turn in their completed calendars to their teachers. Parents help record and tally minutes as needed and encourage and support reading at home. Each month, those who have read at least 450 minutes receive a small prize. That is about 15 minutes of reading per day. Even 15 minutes a day can expose students to more than a million words of text in a year.

Reach For The STARS!

In addition to the small monthly prizes, students can earn other prizes for being a STAR reader. Parent volunteers keep track of minutes read by each participating student throughout the year. Students who reach certain reading levels, based on cumulative minutes read earn prizes as follows:

  • LEVEL 1 – 3,500 MINUTES earns a free book!
    Students who read a cumulative of 3,500 minutes are invited to choose a free book to take home and keep. That’s an average of 17 minutes a day.

  • LEVEL 2 – 5,500 MINUTES earns a free T-shirt!
    Students who read a cumulative of 5,500 minutes receive a STAR T-shirt designed by a Madison student. That’s an average of just over 26 minutes a day.

  • LEVEL 3 – 7,500 MINUTES earns a gift certificate!
    Students who read a cumulative of 7,500 minutes receive a gift certificate to the Spring Book Fair at Madison. That’s about 36 minutes a day.


  • Any reading done by or to the child outside of class time counts as reading minutes.

  • Record all reading minutes onto the STAR calendar and tally weekly and monthly totals.

  • Return completed calendars to the teacher on the first school day of the following month.

  • A parent MUST sign the calendar at month’s end to verify the minutes recorded.

  • A maximum of 1500 minutes per month will be credited to a child’s cumulative total.

Reading Celebration!

At the end of each school year, if budget permits, all students participate in a STAR assembly sponsored by the PTA for the entire school. It is traditionally a fun, literary performance for all ages.

STAR Calendar LOGS

STAR calendar logs are distributed to every student before the 1st day of each month. They are also available in the Office and can be downloaded from this page (see left column).

For more information, contact the STAR Co-Chairs:

Caroline Osborne at acosborne@verizon.net     and     Kate Spjute at katespjute@gmail.com


Have Fun Reading!!!